The pathway to wellness is through yoga. Yoga has different types of poses that help the individual relax the mind and body but at the same time strengthen. It is a way to unify the mind with using breathing exercises and meditating. Yoga can help increase flexibility, lower stress levels and anxiety, and maintain a healthier weight. We offer yoga to heal your mind, body, and soul.

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Starting yoga for kids at a younger age can benefit them in numerous ways. It can increase their confidence, promote a positive self - image, and enhance strength and flexibility, which can improve focus. Yoga is a great alternative for kids who don't prefer group sports. Here at HAAS Wellness we want yoga to be an enjoyable activity for kids.


couples yoga  

What better way to start exercising then to exercise with your partner! Couples yoga can give you the opportunity to feel connected. It helps both partners spend quality time together and be in sync.  It can also relieve tension and stress while re-energizing your mind, body and spirit.